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Thanks you tutors for giving the gift of literacy!!


Remember, Tutor Report forms are due each month. These forms are vital for record-keeping and communication with the Literacy Council. The Tutor Reports can be sent to the Literacy Council in one of 3 ways:

1. Download the attachment here, Complete form & save to your computer; Email as attachment to


US Citizenship Materials
The Literacy Council has received US Citizenship study materials, through a ProLiteracy Book Scholarship! The books are excellent resources for those interested in obtaining their citizenship. Teacher’s Manuals accompany the student books. You can go to the citizenship website in the links area to the right or contact Judy at 262-877-3988 if you and your student would like to use these materials!<

Upcoming Training Information

Information on the upcoming Tutor Meeting will be posted here! Check Back Soon!

Tutor Tidbits – A Place to Share Ideas and Ask Fellow Tutors for Advice and Suggestions

  • One tutor found it useful to take a metal cookie sheet to class, along with magnetic words/letters. She and her student would practice building words and sentences with this creative teaching tool! Great Tip, Debbie A.!!!
  • The children’s book “Go Dog Go” is an excellent tool for learning prepositions. One tutor reads it in Spanish to help herself learn the Spanish prepositions. The pictures and repetition help!
  • A small, dry erase board can be purchased for only a few dollars, and will help out in various ways during class; not to mention saving many trees!
  • Prepositions: Bring dolls to class, such as Ken & Barbie. Place them in appropriate positions ex: Barbie is in the chair. Ken is beside Barbie. Develop questions, such as “Where is Barbie?”Thanks for the tip, Brian Anderson of Literacy Network blog, and Dave’s ESL Café.

  • Old magazines are great for pictures and building vocabulary.

Are you looking for some fresh, new tutoring ideas?

Is your student having problems in a certain literacy area, and you want tried & true advice from experienced tutors?

Are you looking for an opportunity to meet up with other tutors and their students, to practice English conversation?

Do you have some great advice or tips that you would like to share with other tutors?

**Please contact Lilly Barrett at 262-957-0142 or wclc@walworthcoliteracy. with your tutoring question or tip! She will review your question or tip, and post it to the website, when appropriate.

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