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Adult Basic Education

“Lifelong Learning”

WHAT: Individual instruction for adult students who want to improve their reading and writing skills.We also offer tutoring that focuses on GED preparation and the Driver’s License written exam.WHO: Our students and tutors come from all walks of life.A 2003 study found that 8% of adults in Walworth County are lacking basic literacy skills.The only requirement to take our classes is that you are 18 years of age or older.

Some of our students cannot read or write at all; every student comes to us with a different reading and writing level.
Some of our students have received their high school diplomas or taken some college classes at some point in their life, but they find     themselves struggling with reading and/or writing.
Many of our students want to improve their literacy skills for their current job, to get a job or promotion, or to take the GED test.
We hear from many students who want to learn to read for their children or their grandchildren.
Some students have learning disabilities or difficulties, which make reading and writing incredibly challenging.
And yet many of our students want to improve their reading and writing to a level where they will succeed in college or technical school.
Whether your reasons are personal, educational, professional, or something else—we will make every effort to help you succeed in your literacy goals by matching you with the best possible tutor for your unique situation!
WHERE: Classes take place at public libraries. We try to find a tutor that can meet with you at the closest and most convenient library for you.

WHEN: Your class time depends upon your schedule.Day/Afternoon/Evening times are available.We will match you with a tutor that can meet at a time that works for you!

COST: Classes are free! The Literacy Council supplies the textbooks that you will need for your tutoring sessions.We do ask for a one-time $20 donation to help cover the cost of the books and program fee.Scholarships are available, based upon financial need.

WHAT TO DO NEXT: For more information, or to sign up for classes, the sooner we can match you with a tutor, and get you on the way to achieving your dreams!
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